Welcome to my blog. I’m Josh Bright (known to some as Joshy Essex) and I’m a 20 year old working in the city. I made national headlines after becoming Britain’s youngest person to pass six GCSEs, including French, at the age of ten. Remarkably, I sat my first GCSE at the age of five, before I’d even started primary school. I am the youngest ever to graduate with a degree from Queen Mary University of London with a First class degree in Mathematics with Business Management and Finance. Among other achievements, I received the Best A’ Level mathematics student award, and the high flyer achievement award, from Brooke House Sixth Form college in Hackney, in June 2007. I was also named as a top 10 out of a hundred university graduates in the future leaders magazine.

My goals now are to be able to inspire people and be a positive influence on peoples lives. I want to use this blog to ensure people do not take the opportunities they are provided with for granted. I will offer insights into many different factors to help people with their proffesional and personal development.


Hope you enjoy




  1. Good shout bro! Keep up the good work and don’t fall off cos you’ve got some young people looking up to you as a role model

  2. How old where you when you graduated from Queen Mary? What methods did you do to allow you to become such an over achiever from a young age?

    1. 1st degree at 17, masters at 19 – the main method I used to achieve what I have so far is being self – disciplined from a very early age. Prioritising well is always key to success.

  3. I would never comment on somebody I do not know but i can’t help not to comment on such a talent. You are blessed very inspiring. Keep it up and keep influencing.

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