3rd year and job applications

I get asked this question all the time when speaking to my mates or fellow undergraduates

“What advice do you give to third year students combining applying for jobs and doing the best in their degree?

The simple answer is start early. The summer before the start of your final year is crucial in so many ways. Primarily preparing for the final lap is essential to avoid unexpected surprises once the year kicks off. Also the summer period is obviously there as a holiday to recharge but will be used by some students to start increasing their chances of employability either by obtaining relevant and useful experience or by working on the job applications so they are ready for submission early September, just before university has started and also at the early stages of a companies recruitment timeline. Doing this gives you plenty of time to fine tune and perfect the application without having to worry about deadlines. This then puts you in a great position as preparation provides you with ample time to focus on studies once uni commences.


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