The Reality Behind Trends – Is the trend still my friend ?

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In life we often find ourselves following trends. For example who remembers the baggy jean era or better yet the age of the pedal pushers or even more recently that high-top phase that everyone went through. I blame Joey Essex  & Fabulous personally. Nonetheless it’s clear to see that trends unquestionably have an effect on our communities, not only do they influence the way we appear but also the way we think and behave.

Joey-Essex-2719530           fabolous

So what do trends have to with the markets? Well to put it in a nutshell, everything.

As a novice investor I often heard the phrase ‘the trend is your friend’, which was often the case. However today’s trends don’t seem to be quite the same, the most notable of which has to be the: “I’m a stock trader mentor”. As internet access and usage has evolved, more…

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